SWVAA Bull Test Criteria

    • Documented and signed health record by consignor that bulls have received the following vaccines:
        • Modified Live: IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV,
        • 7-way with Somnus
        • Pasturella
        • Treated for internal and external parasites
    • Must have AHIR BW,WW and YW; exception includes bulls tested as a group in which adjusted YW from group may be substituted
    • Must have minimum adjusted 525 pound weaning weight and 1000 pound adjusted yearling weight
    • Minimum of 30 cm scrotal upon the day of measure
    • Minimum of Test Average Daily Gain Ratio of 80
    • Minimum of Test Yearling Weight Ratio of 90
    • Must have a combined Test ADGR and YWR of 90
    • Minimum Frame Size of 4.75, frame score will be measured twice and determined by the averaging the two measurements
    • Bulls will be evaluated by Virginia state grader with anything scoring below a 12 overall shall be eliminated
    • Bulls must pass reproductive soundness exam by licensed veterinarian
    • In the event more than 50 bulls qualify for sale, additional cuts will be made by sale order index
    • Saleorder will be determined by:
        • (average daily gain ratio + yearling weight ratio + yearling weight epd % rank) / 3
        • percentile rank will be taken from birth year

Click here for a printable pdf of the 2006-2007 Spring Bull Test.

Click here for a printable pdf of the 2006-2007 Fall Bull Test.